Workers safety

Workers safety is prime concern at Plummy Fashions Ltd. Unlike conventional multi-story buildings PFL has been designed as low level two story facility which promotes easy fast and safe evacuation in case of fire. Five emergency exits in each floor has been installed ensuring the highest level of safety.

Medical Facilities

A 3 bed mini hospital has been set up in the factory premises. There are  take care of the immediate medical needs of all employees.

For the well being of everyone working at the company YNW strives to create a pleasant working environment.
Fatigue has been reduced by the installation of evaporative air conditioning and ergonomic, well lit work stations.

Health Attendants: Factory has a full time Nurse & part time Doctor. A proper First Aid Team is being trained by qualified Doctor. Qualifications of the Doctor, Nurse & First Aid Team are readily available in the facto



YWU has equipped the factory with high quality fire protection system. Beside adequate firefighting equipment, total factory is covered under addressable fire detection system. More than 200 smoke detecting device have been installed to detect the fire. So, from the control room one can easily detect the position if any incident occurs. Fire hydrant system with dedicated fire pump, water reservoir has been installed to fight against fire.

Above all, in the training center proper fire training and awareness program are arranged for the workers. A dedicated firefighting unit has been deployed to face from the front in case fire breaks out.


Child Lab our: As per factory recruitment policy first condition / criteria is factory will not allow child labor. Factory will not hire any employee under the age of 18, or under the age interfering with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law, whichever is greater.


 First Aid: First Aid box is available in all departments and usage records are kept. Selected workers and line supervisors have been trained to provide First Aid to the factory workers.

 Injuries and Accidents: In case of serious injuries / accidents, workers are taken to the hospitals. Any injury / accident of the workers that take place in the Factory are properly documented in a register with their name, section, date and cause of the injury / accident and preventive measures are taken and recorded as well.

Canteen & Rest Room: It is mentionable of that there are a suitable rest room and a canteen for the workers & staffs.

 Stair & Exit Door: Factory has three exit doors and stair which are more than 48” as per Factories Act.

 Group Insurance: All workers are included under the BGMEA Group insurance which is provided by the management.